Drilling and tapping systems and techniques

Afis Sisteme si tehnici de prelucrare a alezajelor 2

17 February, 2022, Public speaking, IPRC Campus

Drilling and tapping systems and techniques

Drilling as a mechanical process to make a cylindrical cavity by removing chips dates back more than 2.3 million years. From then on, man understood that by the rotational motion of a tool, - also called the cutting speed Vc (m / min), which is supported on a material and by the application of a pressing force, a working feed f ( mm / rot) -, we can extract pieces of material in the form of chips. The only condition required is that the hardness of the chiped material must be lower compared to that of the cutting tool.

Thus was born a new species of people who are able to produce toolsthat helped them obtain various construction elements. After 2.3 million years, all the objects around us were touched by a cutting tool. Of all the possible cutting processes, the drilling operation is the most common, and after all this time, this cutting process still gives us headaches. We propose that during the event we discuss the most important aspects of drilling and tapping operations and what techniques influence our productivity.

Time schedule

 14:00 Opening of the event

Host: Basarabeanu R. Florin 

- Consultant and trainer of cutting tools and cutting processes-  New Basara Consult - Romania

- President of Employer Association in Cutting Process Manufacturing Industry - Romania

- TEDx speaker

- Inventor

14:00 – 14:30 Presentation and debate session

- The last 120 years in manufacturing

- Where is the future going?

14:30 - 15:00 Presentation and debate session 

- Types of drills

- HSS or Carbide?

15:00 – 15:20 Coffe brake
15:20 - 17:00 Presentation and debate session 

- Types of taps

- Cutting or forming?

Florin R. Basarabeanu

President of the Employers' Association of the Cutting Industry -Romania

Evaluator in the system of continuous professional training - Romania

Trainer for cutting tools

Cutting tool technician

Accredited trainer

Economist in business administration

CNC Operator

With over 17 years of experience in the field of machining, Răzvan Basarabeanu has accumulated a lot of information and experience in the industry in Romania, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium and Rwanda. Over the years, he has held several key positions in the cutting machine industry, such as: CNC operator, CNC programmer, trainer, cutting tool technician, cutting tool trainer, consultant and cutting tool designer.

With a patent in the automotive industry and several innovations in the field of cutting tools, Răzvan confirms his membership in the MENSA INTERNATIONAL elite.

During the last two years, all his activity has been directed towards the segment of cutting processing, wishing to make his mark in the coming years on this ever-changing industry.

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